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"We needed a new look and feel for our portal that was clearly different than our competition. WebTengo did exactly that and went above and beyond to meet and in the end exceed our expectations."

Mark Bush - UKOnline
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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is another internet marketing tool that is a form of direct marketing through electronic communication or e mails. In this kind of marketing bulk mails are sent to the respective audience of the similar or different interests.

However, with technological advancement e-mail marketing has been at a stage of probability, where you expect the audience to go to the website but with stringent spam laws most of the time either the e mail do not reach to the audience or it goes to the spam that kills the very objective of e mail marketing.

It could be tackled only when an experienced professional works on it, because he knows what subject to be put in the e mail so it may not catches the eyes of spam or other tools to ignore such mails. At 'Webtengo' we understand the loops and strategically operate to make e mail marketing a successful idea of online marketing.

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